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1122 Designs is passionate about designing for our Baby Boomers to help them continue living empowered lifestyles through aesthetically pleasing and innovative functional design that is intuitively easy to use.

Some Baby Boomers are avid about remaining in their home. Making upgrades to your residence extending your stay to “age in place” is EASY bringing peace of mind to you and your loved ones!

Let the team at 1122 Designs use their home improvement expertise help you decide how to best redesign your home utilizing any of the following independently or in combination:

Universal Hardware
Toilets, Handrails, Curbless Showers, Fixtures, Break Away Hinges

Smart Home Technology Controlled From Your Phone
Virtual Personal Assistant,  Easy Touch Appliances, Home Security,
Personal Vitals Monitoring

Universal Interior Design
Kitchens, European Wet Rooms, Bathrooms, Home Accessibility,
Lighting, Proactive Structural Design

Interior Designs
So Universal, Luxurious, And Packed With Style
Your House Guests Will Want To Move In


At 1122 Designs, we are so committed to our Baby Boomers that our founder and lead designer went boots to the ground for 3 months with Best Buy to further our understanding of connected home technology and how it can help people stay in their homes longer. 


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~Residential Aging In Place Assessment~
(A $150 Value)


Other Baby Boomers are happy to skip the redesign and forgo the regular responsibilities of maintaining a home in exchange for one already designed to meet their needs for style, luxury, safety, comfort and convenience.

Only one thing left….. move in! Which can be overwhelming. But what if there was someone to help?

What if all you had to do when you arrived at your new home was unpack your clothes?

Room Layout
Decor Schedule

Source Products
Project Oversight | Ensure Residence Is Ready
Utilities And Technologies Schedule, Product Receiving,
Installation Process, Resident Ready

Let the team at 1122 Designs help you move in!

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~Assisted Living Consultation!~

(A $300 Value)


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