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1122 Designs is passionate about remodeling physical environments that support YOUR lifestyle, a reflection of  you, your inner world, your “human” environment.

We know that sometimes it can be challenging to find people, services, or products you can trust, with business practices and company culture you want to support. In our own journey, 1122 Designs has:

Cultivated Relationships

Tried Services | Tested Products

We are excited to share the fruits of our experience and open the doors to our community of connections with you!

Quality | Integrity

We are thrilled to introduce you to a few incredible people who specialize in remodeling the Human Environment. Your Welcome!

TAMARA BESS (2)Tamara Bess, LFMT – Website
~The Center For Healing Trauma~

Community Whole Life W Amy

Amy Newman – Website
~Whole Life With Amy~

Community Missoni Lanza

Missoni Lanza – Website
~ARA Pilates~

Tried | True

While some of our faves in Physical Environment will be no surprise, we hope to inspire and delight with others!

Hilo Web Design Logo“I like that every project is different and I appreciate the chance to learn about each business or individual during the process.”
Ian Hatch, AS Designs & Services

We loved creating our logo with Ian!
Thank You!

At 1122 Designs, we’ve had ample opportunity to review, select paint colors, and work with company representatives. There are a lot of quality paints and paint companies out there. From DIYers to the Pros, everyone has their faves.

Ours is Benjamin Moore.

Pacific Green
~Pacific Green~
1122 Designs are big fans of Pacific Green!
Beautifully crafted home furnishings from sustainable materials.

Inspiration | Innovation

1122 Designs has woven throughout our Instagram individuals following their inspired, innovative and creative bliss that have really blown wind up our skirt! We have highlighted a few here that we think will pique your curiosity and open doors of possibility.



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