Mood | Concept Boards

Mood Boards inspire a “feeling”. Concept Boards represent furnishings that evoke the “feeling” or help set a mood.  They are the foundation and give direction to every interior design and interior decoration project.

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

If you have opted to hire an interior designer to oversee your project from beginning to end, they are using the mood and concept boards they created for your project as a reference themselves when selecting options for you to choose from.

DIY-ers love to keep them handy when selecting furnishings, paint colors, flooring, counter tops, wall coverings and more saving them the expense of full design service. Guess what? You can too and we are happy to help!

Computer Generated Staging

What?! Really? YES!

There are lots of room planning apps and software available now to design and decorate any room in your home; kitchen, bathroom, living room, family room, bedroom, kids nursery, game room, home office, etc.


You may have even seen them on widely recognized home decor and home furnishing websites like WayFair and Ikea. Design a room from scratch or upload a photo of a room you want to furnish and use their catalog of items to create a room that makes your heart sing!

No more wandering around showrooms trying to “visualize” how it will look in your home or office. You can buy all the furnishings and decor at once or save it to purchase a la carte as your budget can afford!

Telling On Ourselves

We LOVE to Inspire, Educate, and EMPOWER others!

We know you can DIY if you want but maybe you prefer to leverage your time for other leisure and hire it out.

No matter what your reason is, personal or professional, the team at 1122 Designs has you covered!

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| Virtual “Changing Room”

HOME BUYER | “Try Before You Buy”


ArchiCAD | 3Ds Max Modeling

1122 Designs offers digital drafting with ArchiCad and 3Ds Max Modeling. Use of the computer allows us to make adjustments to designs, blueprints, floor plans, lighting plans and more with the click of a mouse. EASY!

Value In Tradition

While the majority of our work is done digitally, we are classically trained in drafting and modeling. Translation?

We can break out the good ol’ drafting board and turn on the jazz!

Helping You Find Your Style

Quizzes | Game Time

While our own interior design style quiz is currently in development, we didn’t want to leave you hangin’. We have ferreted out a few quizzes from many available to get you started!

**Please note, other than a vendor profile with Houzz, 1122 Designs does not have any “special” relationships with any of the following sources:

Along with a style finder powered by IKEA (we LOVE IKEA), is a great source for perusing a collection of photos categorized by design style and space types! Enjoy exploring, we did!

~Begin Quiz~

~Visit Lonny’s Gallery~LonnyGallery1

You’ve heard of Houzz right? A big player in the interior design and decoration community who has definitely LEVELED up their game in connecting consumers with vendors. Watch out HGTV! Just kidding, there’s plenty of pie for everyone!

Take Houzz’s Quiz:
~What’s Your Decorating Style?~

See! Plenty of pie. HGTV is known around the globe. It only stands to reason they would have quiz to help you find your style!

HGTV Contemporary Loft Logo
Take HGTV’s Quiz:
~Find Your Design Style~

Play With The Pros | DESIGN HOME

Why would 1122 Designs recommend Design Home by Crowdstar? This game allows everyone the opportunity regardless of experience level to unleash the artist inside:

Play With Patterns | Textures
Explore Trending Design Styles
Decorate A Wide Variety Of Interiors
Learn Common Furniture Layouts
Vote On Designs You Like Best
Enter Design Challenges

It becomes obvious why some of our team members love to unwind, completely “nerd out”, and decompress with Design Home. Who knows! Maybe you’ll run into one of them during game play!

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